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Brand: American Spirit

Year: 2018

Coupon - Discount

American Spirit ad featuring the newly revised warning labels "Natural American Spirit cigarettes are not safer than other cigarettes." Features the slogan "Real. Simple. Different." and familiar copy about tobacco & water ingredients. Invites the viewer to use a mobile phone to claim paperless gift certificates (coupons) from the brand website.

The cigarette pack is set against a colorful mandala-like design on a wooden board.

Ad found in:

Entertainment Weekly: February 2-9, 2018
ESPN Magazine: February 19, 2018; June 18, 2018
GQ: July 2018, November 2018
Glamour: November 2018
People: March 19, 2018
Rolling Stone: May 17-30, 2018
Sports Illustrated: January 29 - February 5, 2018, October 22-29, 2018
The Advocate: September-November 2018
Us Weekly: February 19, 2018
Vogue: August 2019

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