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Brand: Camel

Year: 1940

Cigarettes - packs/carton

"I'm going to grow a hundred years old!" ...and possibly she may - for the amazing strides of medical science have added years to life expectancy. It's a fact - a warm and wonderful fact - that this five-year-old child, or your own child, has a life expectancy almost a whole decade longer than was her mother's, and a good 18 to 20 years longer than that of her grandmother. Not only the expectation of a longer life, but of a life by far healthier. Thank medical science for that. Thank your doctor and thousands like him...toiling ceaselessly, often with little or no public recognition...that you and yours may enjoy a longer better life. According to a recent Nationwide survey: More Doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette. Not one, but three outstanding independent research organizations conducted this survey. Andy they asked not just a few thousand, but 113,597, doctors from coast to coast to name the cigarette they themselves preferred to smoke. The answers came in by the thousands...from general physicians, diagnosticians, surgeons - yes and nose and throat specialists, too. The most named brand was Camel. If you are not now smoking Camels, try them. Compare them critically. See how the full rich flavor of Camel's costlier tobaccos suits your taste. See how the cool mildness of a Camel suits your throat. Let your "T-Zone" tell you (see right). The "T-Zone" Test will tell you. The "T-Zone" - T for taste and T for throat - is your own proving ground for any cigarettes. Only your tastes and throat can decide which cigarette tastes best to it affects your throat. On the basis of the experience of many, many millions of smokers, we believe Camels will suit your "T-Zone" to a "T" Camels - Costlier Tobaccos

Ad found in:
Ladies Home Journal: August 1940

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