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Brand: Lucky Strike

Year: 1951


"Be Happy. Go Lucky." "Enjoy your cigarette! If your not happy with your present brand (and a 38-city survey shows that millions are not) smoke Luckies! You'll get the happy blending of perfect mildness and rich taste that fine tobacco-- and only fine tobacco-- can give you. Remember, Lucky Strike means fine tobacco. So get complete smoking enjoyment. Be Happy-- Go Lucky today! L.S/M.F.T.-- Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco." "Come join me at the Mardi Gras in dear old New Orleans, where Kings who know tobacco best give Luckies to their Queens!" "I ski right off the highest jumps and never take a spill. But I prefer a Lucky Strike to really get a thrill!" "I strut my stuff upon the stage, and thousands praise my name. But praise for Lucky Strike I fear, puts all my praise to shame!"

Ad found in:

Life Magazine: February 19, 1951

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