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Brand: Camel

Year: 1951

Celebrity Endorsement

"How mild can a cigarette be?" "'How mild? I found the answer when I switched to Camels--they agree with my throat!'---Dick Powell, Star of films and radio." "Being in the show business, I can't risk throat irritation. That's why I was so careful in choosing which cigarette I smoke. I didn't decide on one puff or one sniff. A fast inhale and exhale wasn't enough proof for me. Instead, I made what I think is the one sensible cigarette own 30-day Camel Mildness Test. I smoked Camels regularly, day after day, for 30 days and found out for sure that Camels agrees with my throat. And I like Camels rich flavor! Now I know why more people smoke Camels than any other cigarette!" "Noted throat specialists report on 30-day test of Camel smokers...not one single case of throat irritation due to smoking Camels!" "Yes, these were the findings of noted throat specialists after a total of 2,740 weekly examinations of the throats of hundreds of men and women who smoked Camels--and only Camels--for 30 consecutive days." "Make your own 30-day mildness test in your T-zone. T for Throat, T for Taste."

Ad found in:

Saturday Evening Post: January 13, 1951.

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