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Brand: OTHER

Year: 1938

Smoking accessory-Lighters

Ad appeared in Saturday Evening Post 12/1938. "Windproof. New beauty--new designs--new streamlined case--the 1938 gift sensation. ZIPPO windproof lighter is the one lighter that always works, its as dependable as an ol' faithful. A zip of the wheel gives a flame that no wind or rain can down. Lights with one hand, which is often convenient. Lights pipes as easy as cigarettes. ZIPPO is the only lighter with an unconditional lifetime guarentee. No one has ever paid a cent to repair a ZIPPO." "Beauty. *** design, 10 days fuel supply, permanent wick, no flint adjustment, rugged construction, and simple refeuling. Thre is only one ZIPPO windproof lighter--patented--demand it by name at all better stores. If your dealer cannot supply item desired, order direct, mention the dealer's name. Shipped postpaid in handsome black and silver gift box to any address." "ZIPPO Windproof Lighter"

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