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Brand: Camel

Year: 2004

Cigarettes - packs/carton
Flavored Product
Tobacco Product

A special summer edition Camel Exotic Blend - the "Kauai Kolada". These flavored cigarettes are stated to be flavored with "Hawaiin hints of pineapple and coconut." This special tin is black with a colorful cover, featuring flower designs in hues of yellow, orange and red, and an image of a coconut drink placed next to the name of the blend. On the inside of the cover, a camel image is framed by yellow flower designs, with the accompanying text: "A tropical sensation of Camel's signature blend and a summery swirl of island flavors." The cigarettes are are made with designer paper, with palm trees designs on the filer, and are held together in a golden yellow foil wrap. An insert contains the following text: "Camel presents Exotic Blends - a collection of sophisticated indulgences created by complementing our smooth yet flavorful Turkish and Domestic blend with international spices, flavors and rare tobaccos...". This particular blend (and ads for the blend)sparked protest from Hawaiian organizations for the alleged use (abuse) of Kauai's name to market a deadly product (to young people).

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