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Brand: Camel Snus

Year: 2010

Smokeless Tobacco

Four-page Camel Snus advertisement spread, flanking and interspersed between four pages of a contest feature in the August 2010 issue of Maxim magazine called, "Hometown Hotties 2010". This feature includes thumbnail sized images of 100 attractive women from across the country - readers can vote for their favorite women, and the woman with the most votes will win the title of Maxim's "Hometown Hottie".

A total of four ads for Camel Snus are found surrounding the feature - one at the beginning and end of the feature, and two in between pages. These four ads make reference to the special "hottie" feature, and the last ad jokingly indicates that the brand's "perfect hometown hottie" is the Camel. No image of the Camel Snus product is shown.

Text: "We also appreciate smooth curves...supple lips...and the unbridled passion for pleasure...Not to mention hairy legs. Here's our perfect hometown hottie. Now go get yours. Break Free from the ordinary, because only then will things get really interesting."

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