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Brand: OTHER

Year: 2013



The piece is a two-page magazine ad for Vuse. Vuse is a brand of digital vapor cigarettes (e-cigarettes) owned by RJ Renolds Vapor Co. Vuse is currently only in the market in Colorado. The company plans expansion into Utah in January 2014 and nationwide during mid 2014.  The product is now being advertised nationally in magazines.

This piece advertises Vuse's original and menthol digital vapor cigarettes. The ad states that this product is microprocessor controlled and therefore ensures consistently satisfying puffs and counts the number of puffs taken and informs you when the Cartridge and batter are getting low. The ad also states that this product is blended and assembled in the USA. Text: "Promise landed. The first truly digital vapor cigarette. Finally an electronic cigarette that delivers."

Ad found in:

Playboy: January/February 2014

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